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HAMREC is a membership non-profit think tank and civic organization that collects important information about resources that can help Haitians, like jobs, schools, clinics, food, housing, and more. Our members keep track of this information and share it with others in the community.

With options including housing aid, rental assistance, healthcare assistance, help with distance learning, food assistance, and many other community resources, HAMREC offers support to families to navigate the federal and local programs that are available to low-income individuals.

Articles & Op-Eds

join meeting CaptureJoin our debates every Saturday
8:00 p.m. EST
by simply dialing   848-888-9570
Everyone is welcome
We discuss topics on:
--Unifying the diaspora as the leading resource to secure the country's economic and political future.
--Finding solutions to sociopolitical issues through forward-thinking and innovation.
--Rebuilding Haiti's infrastructure and institutions from its abundant natural and human resources.
--Navigating community resources to assist Haitians with their basic needs.

HAMREC E-Academy

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  • Kanal la pap kanpe

    Kanal panoramic AI.jpgHaiti’s initiative to open a canal branching off the Massacre River is all over the news. According to the Miami Herald, the closure of the 220-mile border between the Dominican Republic and Haiti has been attributed to concerns over constructing a canal branching off the Massacre River on the Haitian side. The river has its source at

  • Operation Bwa Kale

    bwa kale

    Is a violent popular justice movement the answer to Haiti's prayers? What a terrible question to ask to start an op-ed. Ironically, we are using prayer and violence in the same breath. We have come to a point where we commingle the sixth commandment rule found in the holy scriptures with violent self-defense for peace and longevity. We have come to a point where we commingle the sixth commandment rule found in the holy scriptures

  • Haiti's fight to eradicate corruption

    corruptionHaiti's Corruption Fight: Ethics Curriculum and Technological Convergence Adoption, a Case Analysis. “Corruption robs the poor” Joy Famador Written by HAMREC, Jul 27, 2023 The Miami Herald wrote on Aug 3, 2023, “Local residents reported that traders who want to cross the town of Liancourt with their goods must pay between 500 to 1,000 U.S. dollars to the police so that an

    • remittances1
      For the inclusion of the Diaspora in Haiti's political process: Leveraging remittances as a powerful resource that can spur positive sociopolitical changes and sustainable development.A Case Analysis Written by: HAMREC 02/19/2022 Download the complete pdf A well-known proverb with disputed origin reads as follows: "Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime." 

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